CONVENIENT - SECURE - FREE OF CHARGE - also comes to you!

21.09.2023   Michael Voelzke

Our permanent Germany-wide pick-up service for you:

- Appointments, location or at your home, we are happy to discuss the collection individually and personally. Simply send us a short e-mail and we will call you back within a desired time window.
- No need to write lists - we will of course also do the booking for you on site

- We provide professional transport packaging and insurance from the moment of handover.

- You have no packaging costs - no transport costs - no shipping costs

We are constantly on the road all over Germany!

Do you also have the desire to deliver bottles conveniently, safely and free of charge?

Then simply make an appointment - by phone at 030 / 28 64 99 65 from Monday to Friday from 10.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m. or at any time by e-mail to

- You will be paid the full hammer price minus 5€ listing fee!
An example: if the bottle is sold for 205 EURO you will get 200 EURO paid - nothing else, no further costs - PROMISED

01Sept in new design as well as with some innovations and presentation at Berlin fairs

01.09.2023   Michael Voelzke

From 01.09.2023, all content as well as the areas for depositors and buyers will be accessible with just one click.

With an adjusted cost structure, the general conditions are made even simpler. The listing fee for consignors will be reduced to an even € 5, the sales fee will be rounded to an even 15 % and the flat packaging fee will also be reduced to an even € 5.

Available independent tasting notes are provided in the respective lots and offer guidance especially to inexperienced whisky enthusiasts. will present itself with all its innovations on 01. and 02.09.2023 at the Whiskyfest Köpenick with a charity auction on both days for the benefit of the DLRG Treptow/Köpenick and at the Whiskyherbst in the Malzfabrik on 08. and 09.09.2023.

The possibility of delivering bottles on all days is intended to round off the all-round service offered.



24.08.2028   Michael Voelzke

In our auctions, a special function comes into play towards the end, we call it the anti-sniper function. Everyone will have experienced in an online auction that they were outbid at the very last second. There are even computer programmes that have been programmed precisely for this purpose, so-called snipers.

In the interest of fairness, we would like to give all bidders equal chances, so we prevent last-second bidding in the following way: if a new successful bid is placed in the last 10 minutes until the displayed time expires (i.e. the highest bidder was outbid), then this lot (and only this lot) is extended by a further 10 minutes. The outbid customer receives an email and 10 minutes to react again.

The system also displays such an extension afterwards so that you can follow the process. In the overview of all lots of an auction as well as in the search function, you can set the display to active lots with the small slider. After the end of the regular auction time (8pm) only extended lots are displayed.


Our special packaging

22.08.2023   Michael Voelzke

In several years of development work, we have succeeded in designing a highly secure packaging for our auction items. It consists of a multi-stage system that interlocks perfectly at every step. It protects from the very first moment, as it is already used as storage packaging long before the items start their journey to the buyer.

Two inserts made of foam form the heart of our bottle packaging, they protect the bottle from external influences. The specially manufactured outer packaging with its flaps and overlaps ensures a stable hold. Accessories for the bottle are placed separately in such packaging and, if necessary, additionally wrapped in bubble wrap.

Our packaging stands for safe shipping, secure storage and easy handling. It is the basis for an efficient storage system and extra fast shipping. It also prevents damage and mix-ups during storage.


Start of our website

01.09.2022   Michael Voelzke

Today we finally present our website to the world: clearly structured, minimalist and modern, the focus is on functionality. There are two interlinked but clearly separated areas, one for buyers and one for consignors/sellers.

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